how to get turnip in chrono cross
  • so i had a urge to play chrono cross and im going through it and i want to know when is the earliest time u can recruit turnip one guide said before u go to Fort Dragonia for the first time but in home world i cant seem to get to termina to get the boat to get to hermits hideaway so if there is something im missing or it cant be done at that time i would really like to know
  • Fort Dragonia is indeed where you get to invite Turnip. Here's how it is done:

    Head to Another World Guldove and show Orlha the SapphireBrooch she gave to Lynx as proof of his...Serge-ness. She'll join up automatically. It's possible to get her LV7 tech now too -- see her file for details. Also, now that you have Poshul back (hopefully), you can get the other ally... well, dig him up. At Another Hermit's Hideaway, find the burnt patch of ground and use the Ice Breath on it. It'll say that vegetation can now be grown there. Head to the other dimension's Hideaway and make Poshul the party leader. Inspect the weird plant in the same spot to get Turnip.