Unwanted tag-a-long in Oblivion IV Elder Scrolls
  • Okay, here is my issue PLEASE HELP: I recently joined the mages guild in Skingrad and to get a recommdation I had to do this mission where i rescue this guy out of a cave near skingrad. Once collecting him i was inadvertantly in sneak mode and accidently pickpocketed him which of course got me suspended from the guild. I went ahead and tried to drop him off but the head lady there said i would need to spk with some guy at arcadia university to rejoin the mages guild. Now this guy follows me EVERYWHERE! I tried leaving him there but once i leave skingrad he shows right bck up! AT first i didnt mind since whenever anything tries to attack me it goes after him first but now i am in the thieves guild and this idiot is making my missions extra hard because when i try to steal he always yells STOP THIEF or on a killing mission for the drk brthrhood he yells HELP SOMEONES BEEN MURDERED! Which always bring the guards and gets me caught! I know i can just strt over but i really dont wnt to since i am pretty far in the game. If i do the quest to rejoin the mages will he go away? But i dont know where to get 20 dragon tounges and 20 redwort flwrs, the stores dont have enough! Also i cant kill him he just goes unconcious. Has this happen to anyone else? PLEASE HELP!
  • I've done some searching but I cannot find any place that lists where to find more of the dragon tongue or redwort flowers. Someone that has played the game may b able to help but it may be easier to start over (although i know you didn't want to hear that).
  • Haha, its okay. I figured you'd say that. What about the cheat codes listed for this game all over the internet? Do they actually work? Particully the duplicate item cheat? My friend said they only work on the pc version. thanks again!
  • If it is listed as workable for the PS3 version it should work(unless bethesda has since patched this and it doesn't work any more).