Internet works but no NAT
  • I am using the belkin n150 router and have 95% signal strength , put in all the information that u said about opening the ports and the MAC address but every time i run the test it says Playstation network failed. When i go into the settings and connection list it says that i Upnp is available but the NAT always fails. Why is this?
  • If NAT is failing you'll want to double check the router settings. Something is still amiss in there (possibly the port forwarding).
  • how would i go about changing the port forwarding, never had to go into such detail before.
  • Simply go in as you did before and make absolutely sure you have each port setting in as it should be.

    It's also possible you may need to just do a simple un plug/ re-plug ofthe power to your router. Sometimes they ned this bit of a reboot to get the setting changes you made to really take effect.
  • I have made sure that all port numbers are correct and unplugged and replugged the system in. Still nothing. Is there something that i might have to do in the modem setup maybe?