unable to login on PS3 network
  • I have internet connection, I have tested it, and browsed internet through PS3, but cant login on the network, or play-station store or home. Keeps giving me error 80710092. i have forwarded ports too just in case. Ever since in the spring I have updated the system, cant login anymore. Tho didnt have a problem with it before. Thanks for the help.
  • Try going down to the Network section of the Settings menu and disable the Media Server. You'll also want to double check that uPnP is disabled in your PS3's network connection set up.
  • thanks, but I solved it by resetting system completely on my modem. It automatically got everything right after that.
  • hi i am having trouble connecting to the PS3 network. It works on my p2p but it doesnt work on here it keeps saying "playstation Netwrork-failed" It also wont let me connect to Sims 3 server and when i try it says network timed out please help.
  • Most likely in need of some port forwarding on your router, Gina. Check out the thread pinned to the very top of this section for details.