• Ther's 2 keys in the game which open this secret bit. One's in Boulderdash and I can't remember which bit the other key is in but I can't seeem to get the 2nd key. Can anyone help me with this .
  • Well I think its the second hog one Where you ride on the hog, But i'm not to sure. Try it anyway it might work! :flex: :clap: :disco:
  • Yeah but how do you actually GET the key. My sister knows what level that the key's in she just can't get the key (and it's not for lack of trying) so can someone please help me out so I can get her off my back.
  • OHHH! Thats what you want. Well I haven't played it for so long that I can't remember much. But I think this is what you do. I think you have to get all the boxs without dieing once. Hard huh! :unsure: :blink:
  • The sis says it's the key in Lights out she's interested in but I'll tell her what you said and see if that helps (both her and to get her of my :swear: back)
  • Well I hope she does get of your :swear: back forger! Good luck!

    p.s Is there even a key in lights out! ( thats a hard level :unsure: :think: )
  • Well she says there's one in lights out and I think she knows for certain cause she used the super-code to check and see which level the key was in and would you believe it it's the very last thing she needs to get to complete the entire ruddy game so please please please could somebody tell me how to get it because she's becoming a real pain in the a$$ about it.
  • Sorry I can't help with that one! :cry: :cry: :cry: :blink:
  • ali-g7, if you don't know the answer, it's probably best not to post at all. It's counted as Spam and the mods will probably come down hard on you for it. ^_^

    Forger, I think there are two paths on the Lights Out level. One leads you to the finish and one leads you to the key. :)

    Good luck
  • You get keys from Cortex bonus rounds. The 2 Cortex Rounds are in Sunset Vista, and Jaws of Darkness.