Play Station Network signed out
  • Hi,

    I bought a new PS3 5 days ago. I have connected my PS3 to my wifi router at home and am able to connect to internet.
    But whenever I try to connect to Play Station Network it says you have been signed out.
    I have given a static ip to my PS3 and put the IP in DMZ of my router and forwarded the ports also. Media Server and uPnP are also disabled but then also I am unable to login to PSN

    Please help

    Thanks in advance

  • Did you enter in things like the IP address you reserved and the DNS servers from the router into the PS3's settings manually? If not, this will help the PS3 get its settings every time.

    You may also need to give your router a quick power cycle- sometimes changes like port forwarding doesn't kick in until after this is done. One final suggestion is to change the SSID channel to something other than what has come up in the router.
  • the same thing keeps on happeing to me too!!!!:(