Help getting online due to parental control restrictions
  • We just loaded Call of Duty Black ops on playstion 3 but cannot play online. The message says: Online service is disabled on your Playstaion network account due to parental control restrictions. How do I " deactivate " that ?
    I want my son to be able to play on line. We have an account and a sub accout which we have used recently. Thanks in advance for your help. :)

    michele banaszek
  • You control the access through the Security Settings in the Settings menu. It will ask for a pin code which would have been selected by you if you changed it from the default. Otherwise just use 0000.

    You can find this along with how to adjust other functions on the system via Sony's online user guide.
  • Hi,
    I'm having exactly the same problem.
    I made a sub account for my son and cannot get him online no matter what I have tried.

    I have turned parental controls off in the security settings menu and updated the sub account to allow chat, although there is very little that can be changed in there :(

    Any clues other than make a new account and lie about his age ???
  • Just noticed in the guide that you posted a link to....

    Note that these settings do not restrict access to online content.
  • You can ask our PlayStation 3 experts any game question and they will aim to get back to you in 24 hours with an answer.....

    or not !

  • Key word there is "aim"- this is a "when I can" kinda gig when I'm not at my actual full time job, ya know. ;)

    It may be easiest to go ahead and make a master account for him although this would give him full access. Blame Sony for not being able to make this easier! :p