Can't connect to playstaion network
  • I can connect to the playstaion network on my ps3. Every time I try i get the error code 80710B23. I have tried changing the MTU to 1492, but that didn't do anything./ I just got call of duty black ops and want to play online really bad. If I don't get any resposes on here I am going to call tech support tomorow (really today because its 1:15 now). I just want it fixed :'(
  • According to Sony's database on these errors this one means "can't connect due to server timeout". They say this can be caused by having wrong info in the PS3's connection settings or general lag/ congestion by your ISP.

    If you are using wireless and the connection percentage is somewhat low (I would say below 80% for this) I would try setting up a wired connection. Also, when doing a search I found someone that said changing up the MTU to another value other than 1492 (his max seemed to be 1370) fixed the issue for him.
  • I have the same problem. Turned on PS3 and it did an update, and now can't play COD black op's online. If you get a fix, let me know what it is.
  • Stuntrider, you likely just need to give your router a restart or tweak the port forwarding a bit. Activision has a habit of using one or two other ports other than the ones Sony does themselves. Should be easily found in Activision's own support section at their site.
  • I can't actually connect to the playstation network:mellow:
  • In that case you likely need to completely re-do your connection settings on the PS3 as well as any port forwarding and other tweaks you may have done on your router. Can't really give much more in the way of suggestions than that.
  • The only thing I have done is an update on my PS3, that I was prompted to do when I turned it on. I was playing Tiger Woods 11 online before that. It was only after the update that I found that I was unable to connect to the Playstation network.:confused:
  • Have you tried either of the suggestions I gave already (rebooting your router and modem/ removing and re-doing your PS3's connection settings)?