PSP Screen issues
  • Hi,
    I have a PSP2000 slim thats out of warranty.
    A few days ago I noticed a light band up the left hand side of the screen that was about 15 pixels or so wide that made games. etc in that screenspace appear slightly brighter then the rest of the screen, tonight after playing it I have found that that area now "ghosts" the area of the screen slightly to the right hand side of the band ( I hope that makes sense ) and that the right hand side of the screen has now got a bright band on it as well going from top to bottom.
    Would a replacement screen fix this issue please?, or is the problem deeper then that?
  • Yes, replacing the screen would fix that- you are seeing a block/ band of dead pixels.

    Honestly, I would still contact Sony and have them do the out-of-warranty repair. It will cost some cash but, if you aren't familiar with how the screen connects or repairing electronics, may be cheaper in the long run. Besides, the screens aren't normally sold in the market place.