rainbow six vegas2 questions
  • Just a couple of questions i've been wondering about. I host alot of matches. I run high speed internet via my cable company so i know i run very well. I've been doing this for a while and have elite status in the game so i know i dont stink lol. But when certain people come in to room they are just unstoppable and cant be killed, is this because they have a lousy internet i.e. dsl connection or are they running some kind of glitch? They are usually in some sort of clan of course which is why i ask the glitch part. And my room starts to lag which is why i ask about the connection. I usually end up kicking them and my room clears up, but i'd rather be able to counter act them and smash them right out my room ha ha. Is there a solution to this or do i just have to deal with it and keep kicking them out.
  • You'll pretty much have to either deal with them as they come in or set things up to be more private. In most cases these guys are likely running at a slower speed and lagging things up for everyone but it is also nothing new for some clans to be filled with people that take advantage of glitches.