Castlevania lord of shadows help
  • I need help please how do i finish the swamp Troll boss off. I press R2 like it says but he keeps chucking me on the ground and hitting i missing something else i am supposed to be doing? thank you for any help
  • He will pick up gravestones to try and smack you with and will charge at you. He'll also do ground-pounds occasionally. Use the ground pounds to jump and attack him with guillotine and side step his charges to have a good period of time to smack him, as he leaves himself very open. Only use a few quick hits at a time to play it safe, or use counterattacks to lay into him.

    After awhile, he will start to glow, so get close to him and hit R2 to finish
    him off. You'll have to go through a few timed button presses and than jam
    on a button to put him away.
  • I have done all that and got on him to finish him of with the R2 button, What buttons do i press after that and what button do i jam on..thanks Lyndon
  • You should see the prompts for what buttons to press on screen, if memory serves. It would be your attack buttons.