changing ps3 boxes saved data files
  • my bd has failed on ps3 box sony will send a replacement box,how do I transfer all my game saves to a usb stick and delete all private info on old box such as user name so I can log on new box using same user name. Trophies and such will be on my ps network account but some games are still to be finished and would like to pick up where I left off, without having to start over.
  • It's a simple process. Highlight the save file you want, hit triangle and select "copy" to make a copy of it on the usb drive. Once you have the replacement system just go the opposite way, accessing the saves on the drive and copy back to the hard drive.

    Once you have all of your saves moved, go into Account Management and make sure to "deactivate" the system. This will take it out of the tally Sony keeps for activated systems on your name (they allow up to 5). Finally, you can give your PS3 a full clean up by going into the Settings menu to System Settings. In here you'll see an option to format the hard drive.
  • thankyou,managed to follow your suggestions, hope new box will last longer than 11 months.
  • thankyou so much,pure luck I stumbled on your site after reading a few responses am glad I did. two games though can't be copied. assassins creed2 and need for speed shift.Am a bit miffed will have to go through all the game again,still will keep trophies I hope, may get one's I missed. Let's hope new box works,it does seem bad that a lot of blue ray drives on ps3 are going wrong,perhaps sony should get their act together and fix new machines so this doesn't happen. for the price you would think they would last longer than 11 months I had mine. luckily I had one month left before it went wrong...thanks