cant connect online
  • Hi - hope someone can please help me?
    I set up an online account on my ps3 which was working fine for many months.
    I came to connect to play online last week and was unable to do so :(

    The message i get is as follows:
    An error has occured go to settings (network settings) and check settings

    When i go to settings i click on connection test and only allows me to go so far and says again that an error has occured :-@

    I connect wireless through my o2 internet

    Hope someone can help im a desperate 11 year old wanting to play Black ops online lol


  • Thanks guys yeah as i can see this website has been a great help! NOT

    Thanks for your replies to try and help NOT
  • Chalk that up to trying to find more info regarding what o2 uses for their broadband- being in Canada I'm not overly familiar with their set up and they aren't exactly forthcoming with details on the modem/ router box they use on the official site.

    What i can suggest is putting in as much information as possible into the PS3's settings manually, including the box's own IP address and the DNS servers O2 uses. You can get these in the settings of the box itself. You may also want to set up a reserved IP address for the PS3 if the box has an area for doing this and add this to the PS3's network settings as well.