Can't connect to Playstation Network
  • Okay, this is the second time this problem has occurred. I can connect to the internet on my PS3 just fine, but i cannot sign into my existing PSN account. I had an Ethernet cable plugged straight into my ISR (Motoroloa SBG900). When i did a connection test, everything showed as successful. The solution to the problem the first time was to reset my ISR. I tried this again and it does not work. Earlier today, i was playing on the network with no problems. Later on, i decided to disconnect the Ethernet cable and use my Wi-Fi connection to get on the network. Suddenly, i was signed out of PSN and haven't been able to get back on since. I know that PSN is not down because my friend was playing on the network as this happened. I've tried the usual stuff, as i mentioned before, resetting my ISR, plugging it in and out of the power outlet. Now, i plugged my PS3 into the ISR via Ethernet once again, and it still does not work; a connection test fails at PSN Network. I'm reluctant to try to put in everything manually, i'd much rather everything be configured by itself. But if it is the only way, then i suppose i'd try it. Any suggestions?
  • I've found it much easier in the long run to go with manual settings, to be honest. The PS3 doesn't seem to pick up the settings it needs automatically as well as the other systems. Most of what you'll need to give the PS3 can be found in your router's status section.
  • Well since i posted i have manually put in the settings. IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and Primary and secondary DNS servers. Then i tried port forwarding, didn't work. Finally, i put the ps3 in a DMZ; didn't work either. When i can connect, my connection is usually laggy, and i get alot of timeouts in games. I'm convinced that i'll just never have a good connection. On the brink of buying an Xbox.