Nat 3 to Nat 2 Help!!
  • Heey everyone i have sitecom WL-114 and i have nat 3 i want nat 2. I did DMZ en UPNP and still nat 3 and if i am going to my router in the web browser to see all the settings i go to advance and then spec. AP and see Trigger it means:The outbound port number issued by the application.
    Incoming ports it means: When the trigger packet is detected, the inbound packets to the specified port numbers are allowed to pass through the firewall.

    so where do i input the ports.By trigger of by incoming ports and i don't have the TCP UDP so what must i do now???
  • Don't go to the Trigger section. When you go into Advanced go to the first tab, Virt. Serv. Add the various ports to each line (your router seems to not look for UDP and TCP so no worries) and check the box at the end of each line you use. Save the settings and maybe give the router a power cycle to get the changes to kick in.

    We have all of the ports listed in the "getting Your PS3 Online - Some Tips" thread at the top of this section.
  • Oke thank you must i put by sever Ip my Ps3 IP adress?
    and must i put the numbers from small to large?
  • They don't need to be done in order but it does make it easier to track which ones you have opened if you do. You can leave the IP blank if you want but it may be best to set that to be the address your PS3 normally uses.
  • Oke but i still got NAT3 i tell you what i did. First of all i did the DMZ and UPNP because a dude on youtube said that that will work i did it and still NAT3 and now i have the DMZ and the UPNP on + all the ports and still NAT3 i don't know it now.
  • The uPnP actually should be off (disabled). All I can suggest is double check the way you have the ports put in- it's possible there is a typo in there (the 10070-10080 is the entire range from 10070 to 10080, for example).We would need to be able to see a screen shot to double check.

    If you could grab one and post it up to a site like Photobucket or Imageshack then add that shot here using the [img] tags we can let you know.
  • Oke i am going to do that but not now i think when i´m free because it´s so busy now. But i can you for example 10070 and 100079 if i want of must i choose one and know it then?
  • Using the example I gave up above the 10070-10080 means you need every port from 10070 to 10080 open. When you get to that spot you should be able to mark them just like that in the blank or enter each one with commas between them.
  • I still got NAT3 i did the UnPn off and the DMZ off and still NAT3 and i did all the ports correctly i don't know it know:eek: :( :mad: :frown:
  • Try to get a couple of screenshots up so that we can see what you have in there so far. I have a feeling it may well be a simple missing setting or out of place port.

    Also, sometime switching these settings won't really kick in until you give the router a power cycle (unplug its power for 30 seconds or so then plug it in again). Try this then power up both the router/ modem and your PS3.
  • I struggled with NAT3 for a while now. I have a Verizon DSL modem, and a Belkin N router as I connect wirelessly to the PS3. I'm not sure what caused the NAT3 issue, but I couldn't connect to party invites or use Bluetooth while playing Black OPs. I bought the Belkin N thinking it would help, it didn't. Belkin told me to call Sony, and of course Sony told me to call Belkin.
    My solution, I called Verizon and requested a brand new modem/router combo. It worked right away. Cost $15, but I was then able to return the Belkin for a $60 refund. Yea me!
    I'm not an expert, but I think NAT3 issues are rooted in the Internet Provider set up, so there's no point changing your PS3 and router settings. Call your internet provider and ask for new equipment.
    I too had tried UpnP on and off, media service on and off, forwarded all ports, and eventually placed the static IP address of my PS3 into the router's DMZ. Still nothing worker until Verizon sent me a new Modem.
    Good luck.
  • Oke i will do that thanks for your advice. I shall call the provider some day :P