PS3 Cant connect at Uni?
  • Firstly, HI.
    I have tried for countless hours to get my ps3 to connect to the internet at university but with no luck. I have searched through countless forums but it appears i have a unique problem? ha.

    My computer is supposed to connect to the internet via a lan cable going directly into the wall.
    I have substituted in a wireless router inbetween the wall and the pc so i can use my laptop wirelessly around our dorm. and it works/is connected 100%.

    The issue is, to get the internet to work on either pc or laptop you need to set the browser to connect using an Automatic configuration Script. (ending in /proxy.pac)

    I have no idea how this works or what it does, but i know if i dont set it to this thne the internet doesnt work.
    My ps3 recognises the wireless network, optains an ip address but fails at internet connection. i have tried directly plugging the ps3 into the wall and also internet connection sharing. both failed, i assume becuase of the thing explained above.
    Is there anyway to set the router up to use the AutoConfigScript? Or set the ps3 up to use it directly?
    Thank you in advance, i am going crazy trying to work this out.
  • You'll need to talk to the guys that manage the network there, jiffy. Most of the ports that the PS3 needs are closed by default and that automatic configuration script would be written for use by computers, not the PS3. While opening them in your router will allow the PS3 to get through that way they would still be closed through the network's main gateway.