need to upload fallout 3 patch
  • Hey need to know how i can upload the patch for FallOut 3 GOTE for ps3. There is a way but i must be doing something wrong. Anyone have ideas. please reply asap
  • You mean download, don't you? When you start the game any available patches should download and install automatically (as long as you have your internet connected to the system).
  • I have the patch but need to know which ps3 file I need to put it in. I have internet hooked up and my ps3 wont download patch automatically. I dont mind doing it manually just need to know which file to put it in.
  • Metalhead, the patch would not be available to download for the PS3 via computer- it's always done automatically when you start the game when it is available. What you have downloaded would be for the PC (computer) version of the game.

    If it doesn't download automatically when you start the game then it would have already been downloaded and installed.