tomb raider 3: area antarctica ..large chamber with levers to change height
  • which levers:mad: do you throw first ,second,etc
  • If it's the section I think you mean throw switches 1, 2 and 5 in that order.
  • ok to help id the area you first kill 3 creatures (page 100-101 in prima `s official guide which say allot) second area crawl space ,swinging coal in front as you enter , to left small platform with crawl space and swinging coals and a couple platforms some with levers also a wasp hole and solid walkway under ,also monkey swing under walkway and a large sealed door ... can you tell me what i need to do ? which levers are what ?
  • Sorry but quoting what pages in the official guide doesn't help as I don't even have that here. I take it this is in the "Lost City of Tinnos" portion of Antarctica? And, if so, which element area is this (earth, wind, fire, water)?
  • hi got passed it ....yes it was in lost city area was a very close to...but a area just before the elements area .it was after bridge secret then 3 creatures to kill then.. it involved a crawl space to find swinging basket of fire in front and to left and very long drop to floor . it involved setting and resetting the levers to raise platforms to reach ground floor and open large chamber door which leads to level`s secret also (using monkey swing to reach timed activate lever after chamber door is opened ) once you reach lever under monkey swing bridge save game still need to get down from lever by resetting lever to get down fast enough to race full speed out of chamber and race through new area on left side climb ladder backtracking across bridge where you first entered ...jump down off right side of bridge to reach timed door to get secret .
  • the lever on right / middle lifts level needed to reach level on left side of wall needed to reach area under monkey swing just in case this is a problem for others reading this .... hope it helps out
  • thank you for helping i got past it and got thru all hollows . it was before the elements area . if your at top of this area i got stuck at the lever up top to right pull down , the wall in front from where you entered is left up , jump to right side get down to bottom lever ...pull down this should raise platform needed to reach right side new platform raised when pulled the platform will drop you but the lever under long bridge in that chamber(under monkey swing )will there just short jump to land under long bridge ... save game then the large chamber door will be open too new area and your ready for "minute to win it " race back back to floor thru new area climb ladder on left side sprinting all the way past two swinging coal baskets in older area ..jump off right side of bridge near break and hope to see secret door opened. no room for error ...hope this info helps anyone reading this