Playstation 3 320GB to be bought in USA and take back to india
  • Hi brothers

    Please help me in this..
    I wanna buy ps3 320 gb from chicago next month and take it back to india.
    I just want your help on any problems to be faced by me.
    any compatibility problems in India with a system bought in USA.

    3.Blue Rays
    4.Playstation network

    I will really be helpful to you......
  • You will have no problems with playing games if you are hooked up to an HD output (component or HDMI). Otherwise, the PS3 games won't look right when playing (if they'll even show at all as North America uses a different broadcast standard than India for screen resolution at standard definition).

    You will find that most DVDs and Blu-Ray movies will NOT work due to region coding. This will also hold true for any PSOne discs you use.

    Output has been covered in the previous answers. As for voltage, you will want to use a converter kit to adjust the voltage down for the PS3. You may risk burning the PS3 out otherwise.

    To be honest, i would think it would be easier (but maybe not cheaper) to buy a local PS3 and have no worries about any of the above.