ps3 wont play new games
  • i have not seen much for help on this, but i got the new COD black ops, and from out of the package it didnt want to start up in my ps3. I can play any other game i have, including movies, but anything new i seem to put in the machine, it either doesnt want to load the game, or if it does says it is corrupted data. Not only that, but after 15 minutes of messing with it trying to get it to work, it just randomly will start working, but next time i start the ps3 up, i get the same results every time... I traded the game in 4 times, so i dont think its the disc, that and i got the new grand turismo and am having the same problems with that. I have tried reformatting, restoring data, deleting everything and starting over, but always ends in same result. I just hope someone could explain to me what is going on, and what needs to be done to fix it.
  • If you are still within warranty i would say to contact Sony's customer service, it is sounding like your PS3 may be in need of some repairs.