ok im not seeing what i need
  • Where do i go to post a help question? mayb someone seeing this will know the answer if not maybe can point me in the right direction.
    I am having trouble which looks like quite a few people seem to have and that is connecting wirelessly. I use my phone as my hotspot for my computer and when i try this for my PS3 it connects but always times out finding the IP address, any suggestions?
  • The PS3's wireless card isn't made to use mobile broadband using a cell/ smart phone as a gateway. It's made to just use 802.11 B/G wi-fi from a regular wireless router.

    If you are not wanting to go with a cable or DSL connection my only suggestion is to enable internet connection sharing on your computer and connect the PS3 via ethernet cable to it.
  • that sounds like a plan,l are there directions on how to do this