PSOne shorting out?
  • I recently picked up a lot of a NES, Playstation 1 and PSOne systems for 20.00, with the intention of either fixing them or modding them. The Playstation 1 system works fine, and is awaiting modification (I've tossed out the MM3 chip in favor of a parallel port loader), and the NES needs to have the CIC chip shorted out (constant blinking grey screen), and is awaiting RGB modification, along with a new 72 pin connector. The PSOne, however, is exhibiting some strange behavior, in that it boots up fine when the lid is open, but seems to short out when the lid door is closed. Here is a quick video I made (sorry about the audio level; my son was asleep in the next room).

    PSOne not booting

    In case you can't hear the audio, what happens is, is that I can power the PSOne on with the lid UP, and I get the full intro and boot to the GUI. Once I close the lid during ANY point in the bootup process, the unit seems to short out, as the CD drive attempts to spin up but ultimately fails. The a/v out also reflects this, as the image on the screen completely blacks out with red flashes as shown in the video. I've swapped out the drive with a drive from a Playstation 1 model, which doesn't fit, but exhibits the same issues with the lid latch pressed. If I disconnect the drive completely and press the lid latch down, nothing happens - the system boots to the GUI as if the lid were up. It's only when there's a signal sent to the cd drive via the lid latch that shorts out the system. Same thing when I plug the power connector for the drive into the system board but not the data cable.
    Has anyone ever seen/heard of this, and, more importantly, is it fixable?
  • I'm afraid we won't be helping out on this one as we do not offer any assistance here in regards to modding/ modded systems (as per the pinned thread at the top of this section).
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