Modern Warfare Hacked Last Night
  • I was playing on-line last night when COD MW got hacked. I was playing with a friend in a Team room. The map was the Sub Base. I tried three different times to use the Javelin. Each time it killed me, and made a really terrible high sound. Like a car crash. And each time it would do something different with the main weapon. Once it just showed my hands, with nothing in them. I noticed some red writing on the left side, but never really read it. The last time I tried the Javelin, the sound kept going, so I just left the game. My friend stayed, and he said it kept changing his weapons too. And that the wording was something about "The Toss of the Dice".
    After I left, I looked at the scrolling line at the bottom, and it said something like "You are so not in EliteMossy's & mrmoss's Lobby". It kept that up even after I played a few more maps. And even this morning when I first logged on.
    Was this some new way of playing, or was the site hacked? How should I contact someone to tell them?

    Thanks, Steve