Having trouble inserting discs into PS3.
  • So the laser on my PS3 burnt out after 3.5 years of use. Instead of sending it in to Sony for a $180 repair I just bought a replacement laser and installed it myself using this guide: (Un-Official) PS3 Laser Replacement Manual & Video - Blu-ray Forum.

    Now I'm having a completely different problem. Whenever I try to insert a disc the PS3 won't accept it. I can hear some clicking noises, as if the PS3 is trying to accept the disc, but can't. The disc will not go into the drive.

    Anybody have any ideas what the problem could be? I'm sure I just reassembled one small part wrong and havn't noticed it yet. I plan on doing everything over again much carefully...but any insight that could save myself hours of poking around would be greatly appreciated.