Help me plz with my ps3
  • Hi all

    i'm from UAE ( Dubai ) .. & i have a problem that makes me crazy

    i have ps3 .. and i have alot of games but the problem is that

    i bought Gran Turismo 5 yesterday

    i install it & i play once .. just one time

    next day .. i tried to play it but it gaves me Error Code ( 80010514 )

    the game doesn't work on my ps3 :(

    Note; i have ( PAL ps3 ) .. & Last update 3.55

    if anyone can helo me please .. i'm gitting crazy

    i search in GOOGLE for that error but i didn't understand anything, so please

    my English is not so good, just simpilfy thing for me

    i'm waiting .. :(
  • That error is a problem in the hardware of the PS3, usually in the blu-ray drive itself. Only thing to do is contact Sony's customer service for your region regarding repairs.
  • Oh my god .. thanx bro.

    i'll see whts the problem is ..