connection to ps3 netowork fail ?
  • hey

    im new to the site but not new to the ps world

    bassicaly i trying to get my ps3 on line so going throw all the normal things to do but when it comes to the test connection bit i obtains the ip ok and conection to the internet is fin but on the playstation network bit just keeps saying failed

    any particular reason for this ive never had this proplem befor and has been like this for a few days now ?

  • Sounds like some minor adjustments needed in the router settings, homeboy. Check out the pinned thread at the top in regards to getting the PS3 online. Open up the ports we list there and you should be good to go.
  • ive never has this proplem befor i have always been on BT broadband only thing i have done was stay at a family members last week and toke the ps3 with me but they are also with BT and have the same package as me just seems scence i came home this has happend and need my battlefield bad company 2 fix :) lol my apple mac in my office works fine and normal pc in the bedroom is fine just the darn playstation network is playing up
  • They would still have some possible slight differences in their set up from you, even if with the same provider. Try customizing things a bit in your router and re-do your PS3's network settings such as the port forwarding I mentioned earlier.