DNS Error 80710102
  • Hi,

    I dont know a whole lot about technology and I know there are alot of other posts out there about this issue but by reading lots of them and trying various things (changing DNS settings) I just can't to sign in to the PSN.
    What I know is:

    I have a 2wire Telus router wired with an ethernet cable to my Ps3.
    My internet connection settings are as follows
    Internet Connection Enabled
    Connection Method Wired Connection
    Speed and Duplex Auto-Detect
    Address Setting Automatic
    IP Address Automatic
    Subnet Mask Automatic
    Defaut Router Automatic
    Primary DNS Automatic
    Secondary DNS Automatic
    MTU Automatic
    UPnP Automatic

    When I test connection it succeeds in obtaining IP Address and Internet Connection but FAILS on the Playstation Network and says connection timed out.
    I just wanna play some vids. Please help!
  • You can get past this bit by using manual settings instead of automatic. Leave the IP to be automatic but grab the router IP, subnet mask and DNS servers from your router settings and add these in to the PS3's network settings. You'll also want to set up port forwarding in the router, which we go over in the thread pinned to the top of this section.