Need a bit of help....
  • Hey everyone!

    Im new here so t's all a bit confusing and there probably is already a thread asking the same thing lol....

    I have the ps3 which has got 4 USB ports (new one? There are so many!) and one of my all time favourite games is SSX3, but it won't play on the ps3. :(

    Any help?

  • The PS3 with 4 USB ports is one of the earlier models, actually- later ones cut down to 2 ports.

    SSX3 is one of the few games that some of the backward compatible PS3 systems will have a hiccup with. You may find yourself needing to stick with a PS2 on this disc.

    Over at Sony's official playstation site they have a backward compatibility checker for games. You just need to enter in the game title and select which PS3 you have (20 GB, 60 GB, etc.).
  • Ahhh Okay :)
    Thank you