That Was Not Funny!
  • this game was a big hit on my last forum and the forum my brother goes to is on like its 10th thread with it. Oh well i guess it can't be helped. :cry:
  • do you like to spam cause thats all threads/posts like this seem like. :bash:
  • No, sorry its just i thought that would be a good game.
  • But what is the purpose of the game? It has no point, nothing to work towards. It is just a spam based thread.

    Blue or yellow?

    Which smilie do you like more :feedme: or :rules: ?

    Car or truck?

    I does not cause you to think or ponder anything.

    We do have a thread somewhat like your 'game' it is called "Better of Two Bad".

    I will have looksy and see if I can revive it.

  • And with that, I'll take a leaf out of Mad's book..... (as it was already said the first time).....

    **Thread Closed**
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