Problem; with ps3 store!
  • Hi, I have a problem with connecting with the ps3 store. My internet (Broadband) works, and i can get onto the ps3 home, i activated the system but when i log into the store it shows just the screensaver. I had my ps3 for about a year now and when i first logged on there was no problem i got onto the store and actually downloaded some demos, but now nothing! I have the latest update version for the ps3 also. I need helppppp! Please!!!!:(
  • I honestly don't know what would cause that, I haven't had any sort of issues like this crop up before. I would suggest possibly a reformatting of the hard drive (after copying your saves of course) but maybe Sony's own customer service would have some other ideas.
  • Thanks a lot for replying I will give them a call and see what comes out of it. I'll keep you posted thanks once again. Do you need a credit card to access the store?
  • No, you don't need to use a credit card. There are cards available in stores carrying various gift cards to load up your wallet. They come in $20 and $50 loads.