I need a wrench or a key, or something....
  • I'm in the Mojave Desert, trying to get in the abandonded house so that lady will quit yelling, heh.
    Do I pick up an item somewhere or do I battle some monsters to get an item?
  • If I have the right area here (I'm looking this up on a walkthrough) you'll have to go to the second house and check the cupboard on the East wall.

    Head back to the trailer coach and talk to Gary.Choose the new option and he will let you borrow his tools.Grab the monkey wrench and head back to the second house.Use the wrench to open a passage that leads to the first house.Check the Suth wall of the passage for a riddle.

    Hope this helps you out!
  • Hmmm....I thought I checked every little corner in that room. I saw the wardrobe in there bolted to the wall. I already went back to Gary & the new option was "Need some information" , but he wasn't much help. That's why I'm stuck. I will keep checking stuff in that room & go back to Gary 'till he coughs up the tools.
    Thanx, Lyndon. :cool:
  • Check the wardrobe a couple of times and aya should start saying "like a wrench" or something like that.After that go talk to gary in the trailor and he should say to go get a wrench from the garage.
  • Yep, I finally got the wrench from Ol' Gary & got into the next room.
    I beat No. 9 after 3 tries & then forgot to save the game & mutated camels killed me, heh. :D
  • what game is this ?
  • It be Parasite Eve 2. :cool: