Buying a US PS3 and bringing it to Australia
  • I am a Canadian now living in Australia and I bought a US PS3 a just before I came here. I would like to bringing it over but have heard lots of controversy towards oversea's PS3's in different regions. I would like to get the record set straight so I don't have to spend about $600 on something I already have for a fraction of the cost.

    These are the things that are troubling me:

    1. The power supply. Do I need a power converter or just a wall adaptor?

    2. Games being region free or region coded. Are they or aren't they?

    3. Gaming network. If I buy a game in Australia or in the US/Canada and try to play online what will happen? Will I run into problems?

    4. Blue rays. I know some are region coded and some aren't, what kind of problems will I run into with that?

    Someone please help as I really miss my PS3 :(
  • To be honest, i would have waited and bought the PS3 when I moved down there to avoid these things. Anyhoo, the straight answers in order:

    1. To play on the safe side get a power adapter to convert the power down from what is used down there to 120 v.

    2. PS3 games are region free BUT the DLC for them is not. Add ons for games are just meant for the region they are released in. Extra maps for Black Ops, for example, on the Australian store would only be usable with the Aussie release of the disc.

    3. This really depends on how the game is set up for online play. You may run into some lag depending on your connection and distance (if connecting to US/ Canadian gamers) and, in some cases, may be limited to playing against people in Australia, New Zealand, etc.. It's up to the publisher/ developer how this will be done for each game.

    4. Blu-Ray movies are region coded. To put a bit of a crimp in it, North America is a different region code than Australia. This will prevent most Aussie releases of movies on Blu-Ray from playing on the PS3 along with DVDs and PSOne games on disc (if going retro, full coding is still in effect for these).
  • 2. So if I buy the game in Australia will the DLC still work on my North American PS3? Basically, all the games I will be buying will be Australian incase I visit home and pick up some. So you are saying that if I buy North American games the DLC will work on my North American PS3 and if I buy Australian they will not?

    And I bought it in the US because it's about a third of the price, made more sense to me at the time haha.

    Thanks for the response!
  • The DLC will work as long as the disc you are using is for the same region as the PlayStation Store you are buying from. Using my above example, DLC from the US store would not work with an Australian disc.