needs PS3 help
  • ok so my system dropped on the ground, logo side down, it was only about a foot in a half up but it sounded like it connected badly. I have a 120 thats only 7 months old, the only way i can make the picture come on is when i hold it down until the second beep and it beeps twice more after that. Then it comes up saying connect your controller then following with 6 questions about what i want to do, restart sytems, restore default settings, restore file system, rebuild database, restore ps3 system, and system update. I have already tried four, 1, 3, 5, and 6, 1-5 went to a black screen after saying please wait, when i tried 6 it said to hook up to computer but i have a mac with no pc format. so hear i am thinking about what do i do? I tried to take it apart but it appears that you need really, really small star set tools.
  • The landing must have really messed things up in the motherboard as it sounds like almost everything is disconnected/ busted in there. I would say to just buy a replacement system and avoid hassles with trying to find all that is wrong and fixing it yourself. If you are wanting to give it a go, however, stores such as Staples/ Business Depot and most hardware stores would have the size of screwdrivers needed.
  • i was hoping that was and wasnt the thing i wanted to hear, yes it sucks, but now i can just focus for awhile. So if i were to buy a new harddrive, depending on if i wanted to put something better in it as in a japanese one converted over i could just do that right? Yeah maybe it might cost a pirty penny more but why not, unless the damage is worse then i guess i should just buy a new one