playstation network failed
  • hello, I recently bought a ps3 so i could play games with my friends online. i set up a network connection through my wireless router, linksys, and i tried to join in games, and i am not able to do so. i did check my internet connections, and when it goes to playstation network, it says failed and i do not know how to go about fixing this, because this is why i really wanted this gaming system.
  • Have a read through the PlayStation 3 Hardware and Accessory section, falling- a lot of the tips for getting online will be found there.

    I've found it best to add as much information into the PS3 manually instead of using the easy/ automatic setting. Most of what you will need can be found in the Linksys router (router IP address, subnet mask and DNS servers). You'll also need to set up the port forwarding on the router, which we cover in a thread pinned to the top of the forum section i mentioned.