Ps2 Console Not Switching On
  • HI, i have my ps2 for about 6 years now, and i havent used it for about 3 to 4 years. i want to start using it again, but when i connect it the red light comes on (as usual) then i press it, and it becomes green for 1 second, then becomes black (in other words, the light goes off) and then after that,:confused: :confused: the light becomes red again like in the beggining .. i could go on un-plugging and restarting or vice-versa the same procdure goes on and on. i just hope that it can be fixed. my friend who has a PS3 & PS2 says it might be a hardware problem... i dont know whats wrong .. but i need help.. any ideas

    thanks, alot.
  • thanks alot for your ideas please post what you think or know is wrong ... regards, babolat_forever
  • It does sound like a hardware problem, as your friend suggested. You would have to contact Sony about repairs. First, though, try taking a vacuum hose to the vents of the system to suck out any excess dust that may be in there then try it again.