IP Address Trouble
  • I've just received a PS3 and I'm trying to set up my internet connection. Ive selected Wireless,as I'm trying to use this. I enter the Encryption Code,and every time it says "The attempt to acquire IP address timed out,the Encryption Code you entered may not be correct." Even though this code is directly from my settings for the router. I use a Linksys Wireless Router. I appreciate any help,thanks
  • If you are sure you have the correct encryption type and password then you may want to look into doing a bit of customizing of settings in the router, namely setting up a reserved IP address in the router that will always go to the PS3.

    To do this you will need to use the PS3's MAC address, which you can find in Settings>System Settings>System Information on the PS3.
  • hello! please help me out as i am also having trouble trying to connect my ps3 to the internet. i have a switch connected to a modem and am trying to connect my ps3 via a cable. i tried resetting my modem but am always getting 'the attempt to obtain an ip address timed out' i also contacted my isp and they reset my modem 'promising' me that this would work but it did not! i was talking to a friend of mine and told me that i would need another ip address or to open a port but i am not very good at this:( can anyone please help me? i hope i have listed all the necessary info and thank you in advance for your support
  • Max, i suggest you "ditch the switch" and get an actual router to share the connection between your computer and PS3. If going with just a wired connection you can go with a less expensive router that would be close in price to that switch.My personal brand choices are D-Link or Linksys/ Cysco.
  • hey lyndon thanks for your fast reply! i connected the system to a router now and finally YEAH i am online:) thanks a lot m8!!