Guitar Hero Rocks the 80s cheat code doesn't work on my PS2
  • Hi, I have checked numerous websites & know that I have the correct fret key code to "unlock everything" for GH Rocks the 80s for PS2. I am trying to enter the code on a red finish, non-cordless, Red Octane PSL GH guitar. We have disabled the autosave feature as well. Please explain to me what I am doing wrong & how to unlock all the songs in quickplay mode of GH Rocks the 80s. I have also seen the advice that you must enter the code "quickly", cannot "tilt the guitar", and have been making certain that the "main menu" screen is what I am looking at (the screen with "career", "quickplay", "options", "multiplayer"). Please get back to me as soon as possible.

    Thank You,
    Holly Wooldridge