Failed to connect to Playstation Network
  • Hi ,

    I have this probleme since a week :(

    I can't play any game online because

    " I use a Cable Ethernet "

    I try to test The Connection , this is the result :

    Connection Test Completed

    Obtained IP Address ( Succeeded )

    Internet Connection ( Succeeded )

    Playstation(R)Network ( Failed )

    An error has occurred. You have been signed out of Playstation(R)Network."
  • You likely need to do some port forwarding in your router. Check out the thread we have pinned to the top of this section for the ones that are needed. If you aren't sure where to go in your router there is also a link that will help in guiding to the right spot.
  • I open the ports before and i did this again , but the same probleme
  • Are you sure you have every port opened that we list in the thread I mentioned and that they are in correctly?

    You may also want to try entering more of the information in manually if you went full automatic with this. You'll find the router IP, the subnet mask and the DNS Servers in the router settings then just edit these into the PS3's network connection. Also try giving the router a power cycle after making the changes- sometimes things like port forwarding doesn't really catch until this is done with some routers.
  • sorry , just the same probleme ...

    i sign in playstation network , but when i test the connection : playstation network is automatically sign out !!!

    maybe for that i got playstation network failed ...

    but i can't play any game online !!
  • Ok, I'm still thinking it may be an issue with certain ports still being closed that should be open. It would be easier for me to say for sure if you could grab a screenshot of your router's port forwarding section, upload that to an image hosting site such as Photobucket then post the image here.

    If it comes down to it it may be easier still to set up a reserved IP address for the PS3 using its MAC address in the router then put that address in both the router's DMZ 9which bypasses port forwarding) as well as the PS3's network settings.
  • The probleme is resolve :D

    thank you Lyndon M Staff for trying to help

    The Solution is : i connect with new Ethernet Cable and playstation network is working successfully :D

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  • My ps3 is to far away from the sky hub to get enough signal to get online and i was wondering if there is anything you can buy that you plug into the ps3 and it strengthens the signal making it possible to go online. I have something that can be used to strengthen the signal (its called wireless G+MIMO USB ADAPTER) but it can not be used on my ps3. Only my computer.