How to view what exactly is in your ps3 memory
  • I'm having a little bit of trouble trying how to figure out how to view what is taking up every single kb of memory on my ps3 slim. I wanted to know if there was a menu where i could view the systems memory contents and exactly know what is saved on the system all the way down to the last kb. Thank you please help......
  • There is no one spot to see this, you would need to look through a few folders in the Game menu along with the photo, video and music sections (if you have any vids, pics or music stored on).

    You'll likely see most of the memory on the drive is taken by game data installed by various games. If you see some that are from games you know you won't be playing any more delete these to make more room. Same goes for the save files for those games.
  • Thanks A Bunch Ill Go Check It Out