Wireless:Yes, Internet:No
  • Hello. I have been having problems with my PS3 sometimes not being able to connect to the internet. I have no problems with it connecting to my wireless rounter and I have a strong signal from it (It's a Belkin). I was using a D-Link before, and the only solution that I could find is unplug it and re-boot the router, then I get the internet no problem on my PS3. This may last for 2 or 3 days before I have to re-boot it again. I did this so many times that the power plug on the router finally broke and I had to get the Belkin to replace it. My 2 laptops have no problems connecting to the router & internet whenever I turn them on. Any ideas?
  • Most likely need to do some port forwarding in your router, 401. We have the ports listed in the thread pinned to the top of this section.
  • That's what I thought I had to do, but I wanted to confirm that. Problem solved. Thanks very much for the help.