PS3 wireless internet connection
  • Hi
    I've just bought a PS3 and when setting it up struggled to get a wireless connection to my Netgear router.
    I've called my service provider and they couldn't help, I've called the Playstation support line who couldn't help and so I hope you are able to help!
    I've found an answerto another question which thought might help but still I cannot get connected.
    I have beenon the Netgear router webpage and addedthe PS3 Mac address under the Address Reservation tab in the LAN IP setup page as you guys suggested to someone else on here - still no joy!
    I get a message saying its the security settings but I've entered my WPAKey on the PS3 setup and still no joy.
    Sorry for babbling but I'm ready for giving up and just buying a cable.
    Any suggestions?
  • Along with making that reserved IP we also say to edit this into the PS3's settings.

    If you are absolutely sure it isn't a typo in the WPA key I'm not really sure what to suggest other than go ahead and get the ethernet cable- we recommend using that anyway for a more consistent connection.