Stuck on NAT Type 3 for Black Ops (details inside)
  • Hey guys, I'd really appreciate some help. I'm about to pull my hair out.

    I have AT&T DSL (Motorola Modem) into a Linksys WRT160N wireless router into my PS3 via ethernet.

    I have not changed any settings on my modem, it is at default.

    My router has the ports forwarded as follows: TDP are 80-80, 443-443, 5223-5223; UDP are 5223-5223, 3478-3478, 3479-3479, 3658-3658.
    They are forwarded to a static IP address I established on my PS3 my doing the manual internet connection setup. Also, Upnp is disabled

    Like I said above, I have a static IP address for my PS3.

    I have turned off the modem, router, and PS3 multiple times but it's just not working.

    Thanks for the help.
  • There are several other ports that you have missing in the list. You'll find the others you need in the thread pinned to the very top of this section.
  • Thanks. I found the rest and put them into my router.

    It looks like the problem may be that I have a gateway modem (?). I'm on the phone now with AT&T to bridge the modem.

    I haven't seen this discussed elsewhere so I thought I'd mention it. I'll edit my post once this fixes it (hopefully).