• Hi all can u help me all of a sudden I can't get trophies on my ps3 even though ive earnt them do I need an update or something thanks people.
  • There is nothing that would keep the trophies from coming up if they have been actually earned, especially if you have kept your updates current. If they aren't being credited then there is something being done wrong to actually earn them.
  • If you are using "Game Saves" or any other sort of cheat/boost, many of the newer games will automatically refuse the trophy earned benchmark.

    Other than that, if the game is being played properly and cheat/glitch free, there should be no reason that the trophies you earn aren't showing up.
  • I've once transferred my saves from another ps3 to my new one, not all the trophies are transferred and those that I've earned on the old ps3 and never carried over I can't earn it again on the new. I don't know if this is a glitch :huh:

    I will never get all trophies for my DA game :frown:
  • Before doing the transfer you should have synced up your trophies so that they get fully credited to your account. You would likely be able to still earn those trophies if you started with a new game instead of using the transferred save.