hello i have a psp question
  • Hello
    I have a problem with my psp 3000. I would like to put applications on it and i did the steps that i found online. but no mater how many folders i delete or move or what ever it wont work. my system is a 6.35. i thought the bigger the system the better. but i read articles on how people how to downgrade tier psps to put apps on them. so my question is- How do I correctly put applications like PDA app and Twitter app and so on onto my PSP 300 with a 6.35 system. I hope you guys can help me because I cant figure it out and i dont know who else to ask.
    Thanks for helping.
  • Sorry, Daxter, but we offer no help when it comes to cracking/ homebrew of systems. Trying these out, if a mistake is made, can brick your system and you suddenly have yourself a $129 paperweight and we do not want to be the ones responsible for that by giving the how-to's for it.