Tried everything... DNS error
  • First I had the IP connection problem but saw your thread and added my mac address to the router page and I got one step further. What was failing before succeeded now but now I have run into the DNS problem. I got the DNS off my router page and entered them but they don't seem to work. I've tried adding in those or whatever etc but doesn't work.

    I've been told to select automatic with IP address then manual for DNS but then it will go back to IP address mishap.

    Please help! :D
  • The ones that show in your router's settings are definitely the ones you should be using along with adding the reserved IP address, router address and the subnet mask into the PS3's settings.

    Sometimes a quick power cycle of the router is all it takes to fix situations like this.
  • I somehow fixed and don't get this problem anymore but now when it sometimes connects I try to update and it times out. Or when I test connection it simply times out sometimes and succeeds other times. Will an ethrenet cord fix this problem?
  • In all likelihood yes- it sounds like your PS3 isn't picking up enough signal via wireless to make a decent connection. If you go wired you will cut out all interference and have a more consistent connection.
  • was able to connect long enough to update but couldn't join the PSN so I assume your right, will get an ethrenet asap. Thanks!