stupid nat 3! tried everything
  • ok im ready to kill my router! its a linksys wrt54g bought in 2006 i believe. otherwise i have tried everything and i literally mean everything to fix the nat 3 but nothing. i have static ip on ps3 and laptop and still nothing. set up different dns servers like the 208 ones you get at and ya still nothing. did every port forward you can think of thats for the games and psn yep still nothing. i even put it in dmz with my ps3's static ip and upnp and forwarded the ports all at once. still says nat type 3. i also dont use a modem either so its not that haha. i can play online and such but i get dropped a lot or i cant connect to some friends. can someone please help me! thanks a ton
  • DK, it may be time to replace the router for something more recent. Personally, I suggest something from D-Link.
  • well i just updated my firmware on it to the most recent one and its still not working! my buddy told me sometimes thats the fix and he has the exact same router and he gets nat type 2. and i was thinking belkin play n600. otherwise what d link would be best for the ps3? heres where im buying router : Electronics : Target Search Results
  • I'm not a big fan of Belkin- tried one of theirs once and it gave me nothing but issues. I'm currently using a D-Link DIR-615 to connect everything and have had no complaints yet.
  • ok but heres the wierd thing. i dont have modem or anything and i connected it directly to the ps3 and still nat type 3. and its connected to my computer right now without router and no modem and it works fine. do you know what might cause this to happen? if i hard wired it without a router it should work at type 1 right
  • If you don't have a router then this must be some sort of college/ university dorm with the ethernet jacks in the walls for you? If this is the case that may be why you are having these issues- you would need to talk with whoever maintains the network to get your system "white listed" and allowed online.