PlayStation Network Time out
  • First off, I'm kinda a NB at this. I am trying to set up my PS3 to play online games. I have satellite internet (HughesNet) and running my PS3 through a switch to the modem. I have other stuff down line from the switch like a wireless router and mulitple connections to that (computers, several iPods and laptops). Those were easy to set up. This has been vexing me for about 6 months now. Everyone I have talked to so far says that its something with the PS3. Any suggestions? Heres my status: Obtain IP Address Succeeded
    Internet Connection Succeeded
    PlayStation Network Failed
    The connection with playstation network timed out. HELP?!
  • having a similar issue, i am wirelessly connected to a belkin g plus MIMO model number f5d9230-4. up until the most recent firmware update, i was able to connect with the PSN and play online without issues. i have been unable to connect for a while now and have tried multiple possible fixes without success. i am able to connect to the net, currently posting this from my ps3, but that is all, no online gaming or shopping in the PSN. PLZ HELP! ty ahead of time
  • Rick, first off, lose the switch and let the PS3 connect to the router directly.

    Now, both of you likely need to set up the port forwarding in your routers. You'll find the ports needed in the "getting Your PS3 Online - Some Tips" thread near the top of this section. I also suggest making sure the PS3 has as much information as possible by having the settings entered manually for the subnet mask, router IP address and DNS servers (all found in the router settings).