WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 won't load
  • I have purchased the WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 PS3 game and it will not load on my new PS3

    I have updated the System Software to the latest version per the Official site Version 3.55

    The software for the game has loaded correctly and all the checks are Ok

    When it gets to the Now Loading screen it just stays there and never loads or displays the Start option

    Have tried with second copy and get same.

    Any ideas what the issue could be ?

    All other PS3 games are working corretcly


  • I would say to go into the game Data folder on your PS3 and delete what is there for the game then let the system re-install the data it wants for the game. If still not working it may be time to contact THQ, the publishers of the game.
  • I have tried that for both copies of the game I purchased - deleting the existing files and reinstalling but for both it gets stuck at the Now Loading screen after all successful installation messages

    Do you have a link for contacting THQ, the publishers of the game ?
  • Just head over to their site and click on the Support link to find their FAQs and support for various games. You should also be able to leave a question there to get an answer to (which you would get notice of them doing so via e-mail).
  • Thanks will give that a go