Buying USA PS3 - UK.
  • Hi,

    I am going to buy a PS3 in the USA, I will be travelling back to the UK with this. Now.

    I understand that I can play my UK games on the PS3.

    Right - If I buy games in the UK does that mean that I can play my games on the UK PSNetwork or the USA PSnetwork?

    that's all..

  • I'll try to put this as simply as possible as I have explained this very clearly several times.

    With the PS3 being region free for its games you can purchase games for any region and they will work on the PS3. As to the servers the online play will connect to, that is dependent on how the developers/ publishers set things up. Some allow global gaming (players in the UK can play US) while others are more regionalized (UK/ Europe can only play other UK/ Europe players). Who you connect to is NOT dependent on what region you set your PSN name for.

    As another bit of info, the DLC for games in the PlayStation Store will only work for discs meant for that same region. In other words, if you pick up a US version of Black Ops (as an example) any map/ weapon add-ons for the game would need to be purchased from the US PlayStation Store.
  • Hi,

    thanks for your reply. but what I mean is all I am going to do is buy the PS3, then simply buy games in the UK, would there be a problem?
  • I was just covering all angles there, godzilla. As far as games go you'll have no issues but you may want to pick up a power convertor to have the voltage stepped down for the PS3- this is just to be on the safe side seeing as we use a different standard here than in the UK.

    Only other issue you'll have is if you planned on playing Blu-Ray/ DVD movies and PSOne games on disc. These go under a different region coding than the discs made for the UK and they would not play.
  • Alright,

    one last question, now if i buy a USA PS3 and then decide that I do actually want to play Blu-ray DVD's, can I purchase a UK blu-ray device and replace it would it then work with the UK?
  • Quite simply, no. If this was something you planned to do then better off to buy a PS3 locally and avoid issues with compatibility.
  • In the US they have so many of their Blu-ray movies "region free". Is this not the same back in UK?
  • There aren't as many region free blu-ray movies as one would think. The methods here would be very similar in the UK.