Aliens Vs Predator - Network settings?
  • Hello,

    I love this game and spend hours playing it online. The problem I have is that I keep getting disconnected from the game / server time to time.

    It says, "Connection to the game timed out". Then when I return to the "choose game" screen, It only manages to find 4 - 5 games. The fact is, there are over 20 games available, but it fails to find them.

    My Netgear RP614 V2 Router is set up perfectly and works perfectly with everything. I have also updated the firmware to the latest version (5.20 _RC3NA Apr 23 2004).

    All the necessary ports have been forwarded months ago for PSN.

    The only issues I get are when playing this game. Are there any specific ports that I should open to play this game?

    When I visited, they don't have this game for PS3 listed. They only have Aliens Colonial Marines which may never be released and the PC version.

    My Internet connection is ADSL 2M. Works fine with all games I have, only AVP disconnects from time to time.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


  • I was expecting someone to have helped / commented by now.

    Do many people use this forum? Anyone out there?
  • If the game does use other ports besides what PSN normally does they would be listed in the manual.

    The problems you are having are, i think, due to the servers being used and not anything on your end.